"No, click there!" you cried..

Pointful helps teammates, students and teachers guide each other to where to look and click on their screens.

Pushing control-space control-space works on Windows, MacOS and Linux. shows a simple grid overlay. That's it 🤷.
Then people can help by saying "okay click the tetris thing in D1"


Pointful was made by a software development teacher to solve a real issue.

It's hard to work from home these days, with people watching your screen. Complicated tasks and tools are hard enough to learn without worrying about being too slow, or guessing where somebody wants you to go on your screen.

This is a common problem for colleagues and students of mine, and me too.

When you introduce the factor that not everybody necessarily speaks the spoken language at the same level, this problem is greatly compounded.

Now you're translating in real-time, trying to find the right thing on your screen and trying to absorb what the person is saying to you. Tunnel-vision sets in. You start mixing up left and right, you get embarrassed. People get frustrated and the session derails.

Pointful is a neat solution to reduce this aspect of friction in online collaboration and learning. It's a tool that makes it easy to see where you need to focus. Whoever needs help navigating their computer downloads Pointful. Then they just turn on the grid with control-space control-space works on Windows, MacOS and Linux. , and colleagues can say "okay click the arrow thingy in F7". All ambiguity is resolved.